OpenNTPD 6.8p1

Sortie d’OpenNTPD 6.8p1 (20201209)


L’équipe OpenBSD sort une nouvelle version d’OpenNTDP, la 6.8p1.

cela fait quelques années qu’il n’y avait pas eu de sortie majeure, depuis la 6.2p3


  • The ntpd daemon now gets and sets the clock in a secure way when booting even when a battery-backed clock is absent.

  • Improvements in DNS resolving and constraints checking, especially during startup. Unreliable NTP peers are removed from the pool and DNS resolving is repeated to add replacements.

  • Improved reliability and security of TLS constraint checking.

  • Improved logging of failure cases.

  • Prevent the case of multiple ntpds running at once by checking presence of the local control socket.

  • TLS certificates are now searched in TLS_CA_CERT_FILE.

  • The default ntpd.conf configuration file now uses and 2620:fe::fe, in addition to, when performing time constraint validation.

  • Improved handling unsynched mode when there is no replies from an NTP server, such as when there are network connectivity issues.

  • To build OpenNTPD with time constraint support, libtls from LibreSSL 3.2.2 or later is recommended.